Less hassle.

Our new computerized account system offers a much easier and effective payment system for our travellers, with an end to petty cash receipts and messy, torn receipts to be lost or damaged en-route.

Our accounting system can generate comprehensive monthly invoices for our customers with the following information clearly and concisely made out:

      Contact name as given on the booking form
      Name of passenger(s)
      Date and time of travel     
      Pick up point and destination point     
      Cost of journey

Taxi285.nl also offers the option for accounts to be settled by credit card for which we will require authorization, only once.

Don't worry.

Taxi285.nl aims to make all our passengers journeys as stress free and pleasant as possible.

Should our passengers find that they are running late or the meeting has overrun - do not worry.  Our drivers will always wait for their passenger to arrive (unless advised otherwise).

Taxi285.nl will monitor the progress of a flight into Schiphol and check for our passengers' arrival.  We have a clearly marked allocated meeting point at Schiphol for a swift departure from the airport - and we aim to arrive at any local destination within 30 minutes of leaving there.

Taxi285.nl offers fixed rates to various locations in and around Amsterdam.

Another way.

Travellers from other European cities who are commuting to Amsterdam on the train - why not alight at Schiphol and let us take over your journey from there?   This way the hassle, the roadwork's and the confusion of downtown Amsterdam can be avoided, whilst you arrive at your destination in comfort.